Saturday, September 6, 2008

Schedule Shmedule.

I am not a 9 to 5 kind of gal.

    It's true.

 I've decided to embrace this about myself.

So, when trying to set up this year's 


teaching schedule,

(which will probably consist of more than one 8 to 7 day)

   I've decided to allot time slots 

for the things I'd really like to do,

but never have time.

I do like teaching, don't get me wrong, 

but there is just nothing more oppressive to my soul

  than the thought of being stuck inside a 

6x10 windowless practice room that has

    only 1 flourescent light,

an old, somewhat out-of-tune piano,

and listen to kids (most of whom didn't practice much) 

for 11 hours day.

This confirms to me that I should not ever work in a 


So I'm going to slot times in my day for 

drawing/journaling like this,

   studying my music, 
refreshing my memory on music theory 
and music/opera history,
dance lessons (which I've started- move over, Eleanor),

going to the opera,

meeting friends for coffee or tea,

training for a half-marathon,

and whatever else I'd like to do, 

but never give the time!!

I'm exited about it.  

Happy Saturday, dearies!

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