Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

I love being home and completely unable to tell you when my next venture to the airport might be... I love fall and I love crackly leaves, I love my dog and my comfy-cloudy bed, I love the chilly weather and pulling out my winter clothes.

This month is going to be C R A Z Y!!  My students have their competitions, I have a competition in two weeks, I have to make my recording for grad school applications, I have to finish sending in all the applications and materials, and I have to drink hot cocoa and tea and buy pumpkin pie candles and make fruit-bit-cinnamon bread in my spare time!!! Yikes.  

In the meantime, I'm enjoying sitting on the couch, watching Ocean's 12, and thinking about going to bed in my own house and room!

I just love coming home.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Such a softie..

It is somewhat ridiculous to me how much  heart goes out to little living things.

     Watching those SPCA-/PETA- type commercials nearly rips my heart out,
 and I even am sad when I spray 
    a devilish wasp with Raid.

    And what about all the times I accidentally stepped on a roly poly?!?!  
            how that plagued me when I was little at the park....

The only one that doesn't strike my aorta is that extremely over-shown commercial of the polar bear climbing off the apparently last little block of ice on the planet.  The exhaustion of having "global warming" crammed down my throat at every turn, and the fact that I'd be willing to bet pretty good money that if that shot panned out a bit, there would be the whole of Antarctica, are probably why I feel this way about it, but still.

Knowing this about myself makes me sad that 
               I'm not always broken-hearted 
     and willing to help 
the random homeless person on the street......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

D.C.- Day One

I am now in D.C.!   I took a trip up here to visit a few schools. Day one, and already adventures.

   I flew in last night, found my way to the metro, and made my way onto the first train.  When it came time for my train transfer, a very heavy set woman was blocking the door and I couldn't get my bag around her and she wouldn't move. So I had to stay on that train and do this whole round-about-way of getting back to where I needed to be.  But I made it.
   Today I took my very first train ride! I rode up to Baltimore where I had to walk at least 10 blocks in as many minutes to make my appointment. But I finally made it, and had a good lesson with a very nice teacher at the Peabody Institute.  It's a very promising school! I'm excited.  After my very long train/metro/bus journey "home" in the dark, I'm getting my first chance to relax today while watching one of the 6 channels on the tv. Unfotunately, out of those 6, four are infomercials, and the others are spanish. So I'm watching Jackie Chan doing his chinese stunts in English, dubbed into spanish, on mute.  Yeah... you try lip reading Jackie Chan sometime...
So what fun or adventurous or exhausting things have YOU done today? 


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wishful thinking.

Dear Future Husband,

    I don't know where or who you are right now, but should you read this, there's something you should know:

    You need to buy some good dancing shoes 'cause together, we're gonna cut the rug and wear them out.

All love,