Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Windsday

"Texas, our Texas..."
This 'global warming' is KILLING
us Texans these days.
Why, today, it got up to almost..
..55 degrees.
I studied French in high school, 
and also in college.
As I prepare to go back to school
this coming fall for my Master's degree,
and afterwards pursue my career,
I wanted to use part of this year 
perfecting my language skills.
(Because opera singers sing in so many 
different languages, it is good to learn 
as much about each of the languages 
as is possible, to further the connection
with the characters, emotions, etc...)
So, this past fall, I hired a french tutor
to help me with my then-TERRIBLE grammar
and stuttered speech.
I love learning languages!
I'm encouraged these days since I can watch a film
or read a book, 
and actually really comprehend what I'm "digesting," 
as opposed to just guessing.
Si vous voulez parler le français avec moi, laissez-moi savent! :)
And now, when I have to take 
another language in school,
I'll (hopefully) be tri-lingual
upon graduating. yipee

On a completely different note,
I saw Monster vs. Alien tonight 
with my sister and her hubby.
It was cute! Many laugh-out-loud moments
(yes, I refuse to use the "LOL"..)
and very surprisingly little inappropriate humor, 
which is usually annoyingly rampant in kid's movies
these days. A fun, all-star cast, I recommend it!

I leave you with
some links I've found this last week..
..maybe you'll find them as interesting
as I did. Or maybe not.
And that's ok with me, too. :)

Natalie Dessay, a french soprano, and Kristin Chenoweth, a huge American artist on the musical stage- both are amazingly real, hilarious, and down-to-earth "divas", and both kinda make me wish I was only 5 feet tall...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My "Big Break," as it were...

I have the fun privilege of singing with the 
Fort Worth Opera Chorus 
in the opera 
this coming May (rehearsals start tomorrow- woohoo!). 
 I recently was informed, however, that 

I've been given a small solo! 

How exciting is that? 
It's only two measures long, but I'll take it! 
My debut on the 'real' opera stage, 
and I've got a solo to boot. 
And what's it about, you ask?
Perhaps something glamorous?
Well, it might be, if it looked like this:

It's about a POTHOLDER.

Love it.

Bon Nuit, mes amis

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Hams X Two

Love This:

Danny Kaye and Beverly Sills


Natalie Dessay singing the "Doll Song" in "Tales of Hoffman". The set is AMAZING; performed outdoors with l'orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's Tops:

  I've decided to share my top recommendations for today, 
just in case you may not have heard of one:

~Waking Ned Devine (great film, but watch out- 
there's some crazy hilarious old guy nudity, 
so make sure you watch with a guy
willing to sacrifice his own eyes
so he can tell you when to look...)

~Les Choiristes (film in French. Quite cute)

~Renee Fleming's Homage CD

~All the Harry Potter Books on CD
(Jim Dale is a fantastic narrator!!! SO good.)

~Motorcycles with sidecars
(I want one, and I'm going to get my dog 
to ride in the sidecar 
and we'll both wear the little
hats and goggles :)

(I love it when things are organized
but I do think I need a maid to help keep
it that way...)

(try and keep one around.
They make everything better.)

~Shane and Shane "Carry Away" CD. SOO good.

~Memory Smells.
(Isn't it amazing how a millisecond
whiff of something can bring back years 
of memories?!)

And that's all I've got for today.  
I hope you're staying dry and enjoying some Springtime,
unlike us in Texas, where it's still raining and
38 degrees...