Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's Tops:

  I've decided to share my top recommendations for today, 
just in case you may not have heard of one:

~Waking Ned Devine (great film, but watch out- 
there's some crazy hilarious old guy nudity, 
so make sure you watch with a guy
willing to sacrifice his own eyes
so he can tell you when to look...)

~Les Choiristes (film in French. Quite cute)

~Renee Fleming's Homage CD

~All the Harry Potter Books on CD
(Jim Dale is a fantastic narrator!!! SO good.)

~Motorcycles with sidecars
(I want one, and I'm going to get my dog 
to ride in the sidecar 
and we'll both wear the little
hats and goggles :)

(I love it when things are organized
but I do think I need a maid to help keep
it that way...)

(try and keep one around.
They make everything better.)

~Shane and Shane "Carry Away" CD. SOO good.

~Memory Smells.
(Isn't it amazing how a millisecond
whiff of something can bring back years 
of memories?!)

And that's all I've got for today.  
I hope you're staying dry and enjoying some Springtime,
unlike us in Texas, where it's still raining and
38 degrees...

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