Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day in the Life of a young Opera Singer 2

So I'm sitting in my Boston Hotel Room debating how to best spend my day. 
90% of this day will be spent doing absolutely nothing but
yes, more resting.

Yesterday was the first day of a 10 day audition trip.
First to Boston,
next to Baltimore.
It was quite a day.

Got up at 4:50 AM.
Got to airport by 5:55, 
all nice and checked in the proper hour early, no hitches.
Then my flight was canceled.
Bumped up a whole hour.
Sorry mom, for having to get up that early for nothing.
So I got me a healthy bagel to munch on,
and finally boarded my plane
(after having to take a tram to a completely different terminal).
Then I land in Boston
and have the pleasant task of figuring out the T system.
Every big city has their own transportation system,
and it didn't take me too long to figure it out, 
but it sure seems like longer when you're dragging around 
a purse,
a 45 pound suitcase
and a backpack.
Makes me wonder what happened to the days when 
I was a chronic under-packer....
So I get to my hotel,
The Buckminster
(what a name)
and they give me a room. 
So up we go.
 But there's a janitor painting a fan or something.
So back down we go.
New room. 
Up we go again.
SO tired... I do NOT sleep well on planes.
Hmm... this room kinda smells like cigarette smoke...
Too tired to think.
Fall asleep.
Wake up.
Ew. DEFINITELY smokey in here.
I can NOT stay in here and expect to sing in a few days...
Down I go again.
New Room.
(By now I think I'm their fave person on the planet)
King suite,
no extra charge,
no smokey smell.
I'll take it!
Yum, dinner next door 
Across the street to buy munchies from the convenience mart.
Don't want to have to eat out every meal.
In bed by 7:30 THIS time.
That's 6:30 TX time.
I can't remember the last time I was...
wait, no, I can
that time mom put all us kids to be in summer at like, 7:30.
We joke how awful it was since we could still see squirrels playing in the backyard...
Long night's sleep.
Feeling ok.
Continental breakfast provides fresh fruit. 
Back in my room.
Got necessary phone numbers, directions, 
and now have blogged.
Taken up my whole free hour of internet through the hotel. 
Will probably not be back on the internet until Baltimore.
who wants to pay outrageous fees for internet
when you're already paying outrageous fees 
for the hotel room?!
Not me. 
I'm outta here!

(Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine's Day!)


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  1. We miss you Annie!!! Kohen is fighting off his first ear infection and he wants his Auntie Annie to come cheer him up.... Hope your travels tomorrow go smoothly!