Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nap Time.... or not....


So I decided to take a nap this afternoon,

to rest my tired and sickly little self.

But I made the mistake of taking my laptop-

you know, just to check my e-mail.

And I remembered that I hadn't played on

Photobooth in a while.

It was only three pictures of myself later

(oh I know it- SO Jr. Highish of me.)

that I was laughing so much,

and I HAD to call my little brother in

to take pictures with me.

So much for that nap.

Just some good, laughy, bro/sis bonding.

It was like we were 6 again, told to take a nap,

and instead played under the covers

in our own world for the nap time duration.

A nice way to begin Thanksgiving holiday.

And here are the pics for you to enjoy.

Man, did we laugh at us.

Aren't families wonderful!?!


Happy Thanksgiving, mes amies!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


There is just nothing quite so comforting to me

than to watch the steam rise from

a hot beverage when

I'm feeling


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have a problem, friends.
I have acquired this collection within the last 1.5 weeks.

I'm gonna need a new bookshelf....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wednesday is a day of only two classes.

That means some nice free time, filled with :

~~~Knitting while watching an old June Allyson movie

~~~Making myself a homemade pizza for dinner

~~~Making a Nobby Cake for dessert

while listening to Adventures

in Oddessey

All in all, I'd call this a happy day

Caio, mes amies


Friday, November 13, 2009

Work it.

There are moments in life that
make a musician need/want to go and practice.
I'm about to give you many:

Her. My left hand can't even dream of going that fast..

Her. She's 7. 'Nough Said.

Her. I'm singing this aria now. This is a flawless performance... she's just amazing.

Him. I saw him last night live! AMAZING!

Her. I'm also singing this right now.

And so you know where I'm going now?

That's right, I'm going to practice.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh la la, les aventures...

Saturday, 4:30 p.m.

The fire alarm goes off.

My hair is freshly dripping from my shower,

and I'm just about to turn the oven on

to cook dinner to take to a dinner-get-together at 5.

Wondering if it's just another drill,

I grab my cell phone,

lappy (laptop),

and purse from off the kitchen table,

slide on my croc-wanna-be's

(the most beautiful shoes in the world),

and exit the apartment.

Everyone is outside on the sidewalk,

many people from my school,

my friends,

all the hunky doctors from Hopkins ;)

and there I am.

Hair dripping, not a lick of make-up,

gorgeous, and freezing.

So my 2 "Balmer besties" and I

wait it out in Donna's with chai lattes.

After we see everyone going back inside,

we walk past a fireman and I say,

rather dramatically:

"Thank you for rescuing our apartment!"

"Well, I don't know about that..." he replies.

Well how's that for off-putting?

So I go down the hall and notice that my door's open-

not a big deal since the firemen are supposed

to check all the apt.s before they clear the place.

But what is that water sound?

Did I leave the sink running and it's over flowing?

And why is it so dark?

And then I see it.

The light fixture (rather large, too)

has fallen and broken all over the floor,

and the 3 holes in the ceiling are pouring water.

There's a small pond forming on the kitchen vinyl,

and the carpet is already sopping.

I think my brain switches into Auto-clean-up mode,

so I run into the common room and

leave my lappy and things with my besties

who are watching a football game now.

Telling them that it's flooding, they,

like the good friends they are,

come help me move all my furniture away from the mess.

At this point, I'm realizing how 'lucky' I am

to have grabbed my electronics from off the table,

because it's been sufficiently sloshed.

And man, does it now stink like attic gunk!

So I open the windows,

call my dinner date (since I'm now 15 minutes late),

and go ahead and leave...

there's nothing more I can do,

we just have to let it finish dripping out..

When I come home, it's just a mess,

so I get help moving my furniture into my bedroom,

and as far away from the soggy carpet as is possible.

Then I pack a bag, and sleep over at another friend's apt.,

since she's been so kind as to put me,

and my friend (who's 3rd floor room has

lost most of it's ceiling at this point,)

up for the night.

By Sunday,

there are 3 mega fans blowing the walls,

and a giant de-humidifier

sucking out all the humidity, SO loud...

It's a long day of church,

discipleship class,

dinner and tv with my besties,

and I try to get some sleep in my own room.

Try, being the key word there..

Monday is quite a long day as well;

classes and voice lesson and homework,

and again trying to sleep in my room,

humidifier on high,

to counter the beast in the living room..

So yesterday finally comes,

and I'm exhausted.

I've reached the point of

"don't mess with me,

don't joke with me,

don't tell me that I look tired,

don't tell me that you're out of coffee,

don't roll your eyes at me when

I ask for a pen to sign a receipt,

don't gip me a dollar when giving me change

after you've rolled your eyes at me,

and definitely don't tell me

that I will have 2-3 more days of fans in my appy."

And finally at my breaking point,

I have a night of at least 10 hours of solid sleep.

So today has been a good day, and I've been laughing at all the things that went wrong within the last 4 days..

I guess when it rains, it pours...

oh la la

What I saw when I first walked in: (it got much worse)

Notice the water bubble in the ceiling..

My mess of a living room:

My video update, as of today:
(Please don't notice the bad hair,
the lack of make-up,
the fact that I really oughta go work out,
or the mess of a bedroom...)