Saturday, November 22, 2008

Le Damnation de Faust

Cassie and I went to see the "Met live in HD" performance of Faust at the movie theater today! I've never been to one before (there's one every month during the season), but have always wanted to. A little more expensive than a normal movie, but soooo worth it. It's really like being onstage with them, up close and personal. They even interview the leads backstage! And for all of you worried about sitting for 3 hours straight, there are intermissions. Just like being at the Met... without the gold cielings, red tapestries, and amazing chandeliers. I definitely recommend it!

This performance of Faust was different from the usual, in that they used electronic, sound-sensitive equipment that moved with the sound from the performers and orchestra. It was really neat.

Ah, technology these days... brings to mind an old song:

So romantic...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, the constant goings-on.

So has this been the craziest month and a half of my life!  Every other weekend I've been out of town doing something related to singing.  As I sat at a table across from my sister in a Braum's in Ok. City, I realized that this is what I'm training myself to do.  I've just never actually been constantly doing it. Going places, learning music, being in competitions, constantly having to watch my hydration gauge. Tiring, but I really do like it!! I would like it a lot more if I didn't have to come home to four jobs and try and catch up.  I think it's picture time.  A month like this deserves pictures!

First off,  a completely solo trip to D.C. to visit a few grad schools and sight-see in my free time!

Breakfast on Penn. Ave.! (If you can call a frapp breakfast..) 

A picnic lunch on the Potomac:
Gorgeous skies

Dinner for one in Chinatown

Gorgeous National Cathedral

My future home

Next trip, I was off to Ohio for my cousin's wedding, which I sang in- my ENTIRE living Laing family was there, sooo neat.  This is my little grandma with her great-grandson!

And last of all, Halloween time!  Nothin' cuter than my nephew! He's a doll! And no Halloween is complete without pumpkin carving!

Happy days to you all!! :)