Thursday, October 9, 2008

D.C.- Day One

I am now in D.C.!   I took a trip up here to visit a few schools. Day one, and already adventures.

   I flew in last night, found my way to the metro, and made my way onto the first train.  When it came time for my train transfer, a very heavy set woman was blocking the door and I couldn't get my bag around her and she wouldn't move. So I had to stay on that train and do this whole round-about-way of getting back to where I needed to be.  But I made it.
   Today I took my very first train ride! I rode up to Baltimore where I had to walk at least 10 blocks in as many minutes to make my appointment. But I finally made it, and had a good lesson with a very nice teacher at the Peabody Institute.  It's a very promising school! I'm excited.  After my very long train/metro/bus journey "home" in the dark, I'm getting my first chance to relax today while watching one of the 6 channels on the tv. Unfotunately, out of those 6, four are infomercials, and the others are spanish. So I'm watching Jackie Chan doing his chinese stunts in English, dubbed into spanish, on mute.  Yeah... you try lip reading Jackie Chan sometime...
So what fun or adventurous or exhausting things have YOU done today? 


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  1. JEALOUS.... so jealous..
    ride a subway for me..
    and bring me presents! ;)
    oh, and tell Anna I said hi!