Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!!

I am so excited that it's officially fall today!!

It was such an e x t r e m e l y long day, and was made so much better by the small moments I could steal outside enjoying the sun and breeze.  In fact, I used my 15 minute lunch to sit on a picnic blanket on the school lawn and read in a good, fat book, eating an apple as crispy as the fall is promising to be.  

  I'd really love to have a fall picnic, with a potluck lunch, and sweet teas, and games under a pavilion tent, and maybe even a three-legged race or something.  I think that many people today don't really get into that sort of old-fashioned fun anymore, which is so sad to me... I'd join a three legged race any day; or maybe those ones we used to play where you had to run around with an egg on a spoon and then, standing,  crack it into a cup on your supine friend's forehead, or be the first to whistle once you've just eaten four saltines.  Maybe a little gross and slimey, but never ceasing to be hilarious.  Or perhaps, as my mother newly coined, "Fularious" (funny + hilarious).  

I decided to really try today and not have any time that I didn't use to a real, meaningful purpose. Even if it was to just be outside for a minute, or teach a kid an extra few minutes, or grab a coffee to get out of the awful traffic and savor the comforting smell.  And I did!  And I'm totally exhausted. It's 10:30, and I know that once I close this compy and turn off the light, I'll be as good as dead until 6 tomorrow morning. But if does feel nice to have had a nice, busy day.  Not the stressful kind of busy, but the nice, active, happy kind.  And now to be busy in my dreams..

The Happiest Fall to All!!

Bon Automne, mes amis! :)

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