Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Facebook...

How has facebook come to rule our lives?  I don't know, but it's highly addictive if you're not watching out for it.  And there's facebook chat, now, which is fun sometimes, don't get me wrong. But yet another way to hook us in.  It's actually really funny to me!  I don't really care about it too much- it's really just a way to stay in touch with my friends- but it's hilarious to me to hear "facebook me" or " yeah, I saw on facebook that they broke up" or stuff like that.  Facebook is now the number one, best and true source for all things in our lives.
For instance: I decided to take off all the extra little things on my info section, the things I think are really unnecessary. If you know me, then you know all those details anyway.  But apparently it listed that I changed things for everyone to see. So I get a message congratulating my "no longer listed as single"ness.  If it says it on facebook, it's gotta be true ya know.  It doesn't say anything about my being in a relationship of any kind, BUT I'm no longer listed as single, so I must be!  Mustn't I....???

If you really wanna know, just facebook me.


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