Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Sunday

He's been looking at me for over 24 hours...

... flirtatious...


His eyes are taunting, almost winking at me...

...daring me to give in....

His smile is almost too much for me....

But I must resist.
I must.
And I will.
Even if they are pretty valentiney colors.

I had an unproductive weekend,
which is what I planned since I'm sickly.
But I have managed to get a little homework done,
make a delicious soup,
homemade bread,
and venture out into the snow for a jaunt to the library.
My bread.
I have no bread pan, so the bundt will do.
Still rather tasty, if somewhat misshapen. :)
The city in snow.
So lovely.
Snow fell all day, several inches!
I title this: "Welcome back"
My sprouting friends, after my month-long holiday.
I've been back two weeks
and I've only just dealt with these today...
I left them because they made me laugh..
does that make me strange?!)

The Infamous Hat.
I'm becoming known in Balmer 'cause of this thing...
not sure if I'm proud of that yet, but I'm getting used to it.
And mom,
if I'm gonna be outrageous,
I'm gonna go all the way and sport the vintage vest too.
Yes, I did walk all the way to the harbor like this.
Yes, it was lunchtime.
And yes,
I sat with half the city's businessmen in Chipotle
looking like this.
I hope you're proud.
I also hope you're not planning
on my being married anytime soon....
Ok. Ok...
I did take off the hat while inside, but still...

And last, but not least.
The love of my life.
At least for the next monthish.
I miss you, sweet boy!

Cheers, mes amies! :)

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