Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Makes the heart glad.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I've had a downish sort of day today, although my lesson went spledidly, and I'm singing in my first masterclass this evening. So I came home and am sitting in the TV room to let my brain rest, and lo and behold! An old Esther Williams movie on TCM! I find her movies hilarious and so perfectly old fashioned. I just love 'em. She parades around in her swimsuit and dives and smiles and then she sings, and then every other 5 minutes, someone else sings, too. Makes my heart glad.

Other things that make my heart glad:
Christmas with the family, where Cassie makes deLIcious breakfast rolls:
Kohen loves to read books:
It snowed on Chrismas, so we took Kohen out to play it! He didn't really know what to think, and when we brought him inside, he wouldn't move until we took him out of his snowsuit. Sweet boy :)
Chason on Christmas morning:
Kohen wouldn't let dad leave for work unless they read a book together:
Clouds from an airplane window. They just never get old to look at.
My dream house in South Carolina. The property is simply gorgeous.
Snow on a road trip:
A Day Jaunt to New York City with my friends, where we got:
Tiffany Cookies from the Tiffany store!
Soldiers @ F.A.O.Schwartz:
Times Square:

These things make me very happy today :)

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