Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Journey in Winter

So I'm studying right now.
No surprise there, as finals are upon me.
But I thought I'd share with you a fun dance between the early 1800's and the late 1900's

Franz Schubert wrote a
wonderfully tragical cycle of art songs called
about an old, though not yet grey haired man,
who makes a winter journey
and sings about his old sweetheart,
and the hardships that he meets on his long journey.
Schubert wrote this cycle in 1827,
and it remains an extremely well-known and -performed cycle today.

Here is the first song, called "Gute Nacht," as Schubert wrote it in 1827:
And here is "Gute Nacht" orchestrated by Hans Zender in 1993:

Isn't that so interesting?!?!?!
I thought so! I love the inclusion of accordion
and all the various percussion
and use of wind instruments to bring out the wintery setting of the cycle.

Hope you get a little culture and enjoyment of these songs, as I have!

Cheers friends.

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