Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Beauty and The Beast Library

The perfect place to hide away from distractions.
The dusty smell of old, well-loved books;
the antique desks and chairs with their wooden curlicues;
the extension chords snaking their way across the floors
from ancient outlets sporadically placed years and years ago,
currently connected to my computer so that it won't die
as I sit here for an eternal day of writing.
My eyes burn as I'm sure they slowly begin to turn rectangular shaped.
I tend to be very easily distracted.
Not to the point of having clinical A.D.D.,
but I suppose that I'm a fairly active person,
and sitting on my derrière for hours on end,
looking at the glow of a computer screen,
trying to make mature, educated sentences flow together
in research-paper format
is enough to send me over the edge.
But if I have a nice quiet place,
in a nice atmosphere,
then I can focus well for a longer period of time
without being distracted,
even by the hundreds of books surrounding me.
So I'm taking a 10 minute break from paper-writing
after 2 hours of studying
to do a little blog-writing.
Way more fun.
And I've told myself that I have 2.5 more hours
before I can give my sore petite derrière a break
from sitting on this rather uncomfortable chair.
And now that I've given myself a small break,
I realize that the section of books behind me
is the entire history of each county in England.
"East Sussex Land Tax 1785"
And the whole row in front of me is
papers and records of American history.
"War of the Rebellion/
Official records of the Union and Confederate Armies/
Series I, Vol. II"

My paper doesn't seem half so tough anymore.
I guess this was a successful study break.
Now back to the grinding stone.

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