Sunday, October 18, 2009

Px5, Days 1-3

Ok. So this whole "Px5," as I'm calling it (see previous entry), is as difficult as I thought it might be. I have tried to use every minute doing something really meaningful, instead of poking around, wasting time online, or sitting with friends not doing anything... Of course, some sitting around not doing anything is wonderful, but I'm focusing on filling up every spare thought and seeing how much I'll get done in the 40 day allotment of time.

Here's what I've managed to get done these past 3 days:

Friday: I made my "Activity Wall!" Ah, organization...

During: What a mess!

After: All neat and ready to keep my life organized.

I painted the girl singing, and I also painted the bulletin board, the picture frames, and the light switch case; I also made little tags to keep my odds and ends neat :)

I'm in the process of framing this other painting of mine:

(It's an opera house, in case you can't tell...)

I had to work Friday night (Security Patrol), so I had 5 hours to get studying done for an upcoming class presentation I'll be giving on some of Gorecki's music (great composer by the way). My friend, Michael, is helping the opera dept. with props for the "Opera Potpourri" program tomorrow night, so I offered to help him make 'old-fashioned' paper, by dunking a sheet of paper in tea, so I did that once I got home! Pretty productive day, I'll say!


I slept in, which is DEFINITELY on my list of productive things to do. Gotta keep my body healthy in all this cold weather, you know...

Once I dragged myself away from sweet slumber, I volunteered at the gorgeous church across the street, helping to set up for their Halloween Night Party. While I'm a little torn by endorsing skeletons, bloody hands and masks, and ghoulie things, it's just a something I could do to help out.

THEN I went home. Fortunately, I have mid terms all this week and next, to I have p l e n t y of homework and studying to keep my extra moments quite busy. Here are some examples:

In my Operas of Mozart class, we have a test over "Le Nozze di Figaro" (The Marriage of Figaro), where we have to know every song, Title, who's singing it, and what it's about, memorized for our Tuesday exam.

Also on Tuesday, at bright and shining 8 am, I have my Theory Mid-Term. This, out of everything, I'm least bothered about, but still going to study for it:

ALSO on Tuesday, I have a pre-Mid-Term Music History test, so I'm madly trying to commit to memory all the below tabbed songs, along with all the other facts about music from Antiquity through Baroque.... wish me luck...

Tomorrow, in my Contemporary Vocal Literature class, the professor gave out pieces for us to look at, not really for perfection, but to try. Most definitely outside of my singing comfort zone, but I'll try anything at least once. So let me explain it:

First, I have to look at the top of the page, where each measure is given an emotional direction.

Then I look at each measure, and try an put the emotion with each. Notice that the emotion will change with the bar line, and therefore in the middle of a word.
And finally, the bottom of the page is the written instructions from the composer on how he meant for the song to be performed. All in French. Fortunately, I speak french, so I only had to look up a few words. I'm proud of me.
And here's how it looks, all together! Wild, huh?! Definitely not Mozart.

And lastly, last night, my church had a "Progressive Dinner," where each course is served at a different person's house. I took a friend and we met all my church friends and enjoyed traipsing around the Mount Vernon area, eating good food, and having some nice conversation. It was nice, because I met so many new people last night, that it was easy to get re-acquainted this morning at church!

All in all, a very nice 3 days. And really, I'm lucky for the next week because I have so much studying to do, that filling my time shouldn't be too difficult! But I'll let you know how that goes ;)

One thing I WILL be doing, is buying groceries, because this is just plain sad:

Un bel automne, mes amies!

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  1. What an interesting life you lead!!
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