Monday, December 15, 2008

Evening thoughts..

I sit here, recently home from the running at the gym, checking various email accounts, and have decided to share some evening thoughts:

I've begun to really enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee here and there(with cream and splenda), especially now that it's so cold out.  But I read that coffee is actually not that great for you, so now I'm torn.  I suppose that I'll begin weaning myself off of it, but that's a sad thought. At least I like hot teas, and at least I don't like coffee 'cause I'm addicted to caffeine.

Running on a treadmill is really terribly boring. Especially when you've forgotten your ipod and headphones to serenade you, and the tv monitor hanging from the gym ceiling (which you can only watch if you feel like trying to read lips, or watch sports, which is like self-inflicted torture)  inconveniently changes shows in the middle of your long run and you're stuck trying to avoid Slutty McSlutSlut and her lover Creepy VonOldMan try to justify their relationship on national television. Gag-a-maggot.

I love Christmas trees with pretty twinkly lights.

I secretly pray all the time for snow or bad weather to cancel school so I don't have to teach. Even if it's clear out.  

I drove home in sleet tonight! There was ice on my windshield!! (See above :)

I made my first catalog/internet order last week.  Got the merchandise today. Put it back in the box. Returning tomorrow.  'Guess everyone has to learn about online catalog shopping on their own... 

I have so far purchased one, yes one, Christmas Present.  How far away is Christmas?

I confess that I watch Charlie and Lola often, by myself, and also that I have set the TIVO to record it weekly.

J'aime parler français et j'ai une précepteure française qui est très gentile et utile.

I do love my family.

And my dog.

And you.


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