Saturday, September 26, 2009


September has been a fun month! It's hard to believe that I've lived here almost 2 months!

For my 25th Birthday, my brother treated me to a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! The Red Velvet Cheesecake is d e v i n e.
I walked home from the hair salon in Fells Point, passing through Little Italy.
It's the cutest little area! I bet Christmas in Little Italy will be so much fun.
Some cool wall art in Little Italy:
I tried Cream of Crab Soup for another birthday dinner at "Rusty Scuppers" on the harbor.
De-lish. The view is also very nice- right on the water.
There is a Farmer's Market every Sunday in Baltimore, and I went with a new friend this week! I got Onions, a Red Cabbage (why aren't they called "Purple". They're purple, people."), Garlic, Empire Apples, Red, Yellow, and Orange Peppers, Yellow Tomatoes, and last, but definitely not least, Green Leaf Lettuce. I was about to get some Red-Leaf, too, but once I asked for "one green," and the guy dumped 5 heads worth in a bag, I opted out of the Red-Leaf. Salad has been a menu staple this week. See below: Seriously.
I got my haircut. I had decided to grow out my bangs, but by the time they'd grown out, I decided I wanted bangs again. :)
I decided to donate my hair, since I cut off over 10 inches! Here's the process:
#1- Keep hair together with a band.
#2- Put hair neatly in zipper-lock baggie.
Put baggie in padded envelope (or , if you're poor like me and don't have padded envelope. Pad your own with paper towels)
and Finally, Mail it to a loverly wig-maker for a cancer patient!
New Hair! Never had it this short before!
Yesterday, my new friend Shelby and I spent some fun time at the Baltimore Book Festival. All of Washington Monument Square is blocked of with booths of books and food!
Gorgeous skies, and new "friends"!
And today I ran errands. I bought paint so that I can attack my little appy with Martha Stewart-like craftiness, yummy fall-scented candles, and a few dress blouses. Another nice plus of living here, is that I've lost over 25 pounds. It's really brilliant (as Ron Weasley would say), although also a pain, since I can't really afford tons of new clothes right now. But hey, I'll take the inconvenience.
The harbor today: They had an "environmentally friendly" ship docked today.
An adorable pirate ship that kids can play on! The cannons shoot water, and the ship workers wear pirate costumes and speak pirate english. It looks like so much fun. I can't wait till I know a little kid that I can take on there with me. :)
My Apple Cinnamon Candles. Now the appy smells fall fresh!

Happy fall, my friends!

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  1. I so enjoy your blog!
    And I love your new haircut!
    (This is Nancy - as in Nancy Carmack.)